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Saturday, March 5, 2011


Did I ever tell you guys the time that our siding on the back deck caught on fire? Everything is fine though, we extinguished the fire just in time. Still, it left a big damage on the siding, melted it off. Ralph was grilling some chicken, he just closed the lid to come inside for his spices when he came back it was already one fire. To make the long story short we had look for contractors to give us estimates. Coincidentally, we just got part of our roof fixed and Ralph called them if they do siding. They gave us the cheapest estimate and even offered to put in new outdoor wall lights. It would have been nice if we got Hinkley lighting for the outside. I like the Hinkley Pottery design. It gives the back deck a whimsical look. Oh well, Ralph wanted just the regular outdoor wall lights. He had already gotten it so there was no point in returning it and purchasing another. If you need new Indoor, Outdoor lighting for you house click the link because its worth checking.



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