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Sunday, March 13, 2011


My kids has so many toys that It is so hard to keep it in one place. I already have 2 toy organizers for them but they need more space to run around in the playroom. As you may not know the playroom also serves as our computer room. The computer along with Ralph's filing cabinet occupies half of the space along the wall. He already knows that I am going to rearrange the place and maybe get rid of some things. In order for me to move the computer to one side of the wall we may have to get new HDMI cables to replace the old ones. I have been wanting to move the computer but I didn't want to mess up anything. Now, its a different story. The kids are getting into Ralph documents and we have to move it so as to give the kids more space.

If all my planning works I will be able to move the kids television towards the center of the wall but I may also need new VGA cable for it. They love watching tv in the playroom and it allows Ralph and I to watch our shows in the family room. I get so excited when a plan forms in my head. What I need now is for Ralph to help me out move the heavy stuff so I can get the ball rolling. I may have to wait a little bit with him going back to work again but I can try and get all the cable I will be needing. Since I lost some of my cable attachment for my camcorder. At least it eases my mind that Panasonic Electronics has all the accessories that I lost from my last vacation.



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