The Designers Chic

Monday, March 14, 2011


I was going through my laptop the other day when I cam across most of our photos from our vacation to the Philippines last year. I got a little sentimental and shed a tear or two. I miss my family back home. The company, the food and the whole place. Kaitlyn had so many picture on our trip. I had forgotten that I took a picture of her at the hotel where we stayed at. She was wearing this yellow hat that she actually has until now. It got chewed by the dog but she still wears it. She hasn't asked me if she could wear it to the mall, if she does I would have to tell her that its hightime we buy her a new hat to replace the yellow chewed up hat she has. I'm sure there are cheap but cute hats I can find at the mall. With Spring in its way it won't be long before the weather turns scorching hot and a cute nice hat will do good to keep my kids face and head shaded.



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