The Designers Chic

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


When I was still a little kid most of the games we used to play was made from scratch. Sure, we had toys but making something out of natures bounty made it more fun and fulfilling. Playing with cans, old tires, flip-flops, plants, coconut leaves and many more. Game before were more about physically playing with kids our own age, interacting with them. With today's generation its all high-tech. A whole bunch of games with different kit and kaboodle are sprouting up like mushrooms. There is the Nintendo game system, Wii still from nintendo, Xbox, PSP, different video and computer games. I have noticed though, male teenagers and adult males lean more into playing Xbox and the PSP or PS3. I have not tried playing any of those games but I have been told by my nephew that it is awesome with a capital A. He even explained to me the accessories of PS3 that are coming that improves gaming quality like the bluetooth, ps3 keyboard, dual docking station and many more. I can't say I understand one bit but at least he tried, lol. How things have changed over the years. Sometimes I wish that time would stop, and turn back time so my kids could experience the fun we had with very simple things.



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