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Sunday, May 15, 2011


Kaitlyn posing in front of her Easter Basket.. Some of you may be wondering why its just Kaitlyn. Our oldest Kayla spent Easter with her mom as it was her turn to have her for the holiday. Kaitlyn kept asking for her sister to come home. It's difficult to explain to a child sometimes why her sister is not with her, usually Kaitlyn understand but there are times that she will just keep questioning not understanding the answer. Even though we didn't have Kayla we still did out Easter thing, for Kaitlyn. It would not be right if we didn't celebrate just because Kayla is not with us, it would be unfair for Kaitlyn. So we did the Easter Egg hunt for her and a few of our close friends , colored eggs and of course got her Easter Basket full of goodies. We also bought one for Kayla and gave it to her when she got back. In a few years I don't know if the separation of the two girls will get more difficult or easier it all depends. I just hope that my girls continue to love each other no matter what.


The chocolates in this pictures are all recycled ones. I have had those choco bunnies for 3 years now and I intend to keep them as long as I can. My kids know that its only for decoration and not for eating, lol...



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