The Designers Chic

Monday, May 2, 2011


Its already May and I have yet to start getting in shape. Summer is fast approaching and by no means am I ready to wear a bikini when our pool is going to be opened. I haven't even bought new short. To me it was useless buying one when my thighs still look flabby and full of cellulite. Sure, I have tried going on a diet but I could not stick to it. There is a very valid reason why I was afraid to go on a strict diet and exercise daily. If it wasn't for the reason I would have already gotten hold of hydroxycut to help loose some weight and get rid of excess fat. I also wanted to wait until my husband was more mobile and more energetic before we start on our promise to start eating healthy and exercising. We even talked about buying a bicycle so we can take our kids to a big park and just ride our bike. Once it steadily gets warm we plan on taking walks. Ralph is even commissioning his nephew to come down and help us get our elliptical upstairs in the spare bedroom. Once we get everything situated we made a pact to motivate each other into getting in shape. Who will start loosing the excess fat? Me or my husband?



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