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Monday, August 1, 2011


I want to go on a vacation, a place where I can just relax with a beautiful panoramic view. My last vacation was last year when I went to the Philippines with my MIL and daughter. How I wish we could have stayed longer. Even though it was just a short visit we got to spend time with the people who are so very dear to me. My daughter got to meet her maternal Grandmother and she also got to meet her maternal great grandparents. Both my husband and I deserve to go on a big vacation with maybe just the two of us? When you have kids its kind of hard sometimes, you want to get away from them for a bit but you don't want to be far from them as well,lol.

If someone was to ask you where you want to have your ultimate vacation where would you say you want to go? As for me one of my top 5 ultimate vacation spot would be Hawaii. You wouldn't want to go to Hawaii? A place surrounded by beautiful island, white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. If we ever win the lottery I would not mind owning a property in Hawaii. I am sure there are Hawaii houses for a family of 5. I can dream can't I? It's always free to dream. For those who are looking for houses in Hawaii check out the link. Who knows you might find your dream house, a house where you can escape and relax.



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