The Designers Chic

Monday, August 1, 2011


Here I am again with my two adorable princesses. We don't usually get a chance to have a picture with the three of us. Kayla is not really interested to be in the pictures. As you may have noticed I have a lot of picture with my youngest but not much with my oldest. She is getting older where she doesn't want to be bothered, lol. We just got out of the pool for a night swimmng, it was like getting into a warm bath. The water was literally like bath water. It was so warm and soothing to the body. When we got and drying on the deck, I got Kayla to sit on my lap. This was my chance to I immediately called the lil one over to take a a picture with the 3 of us. My kids are so beautiful, yes I can say that because I am their mom,lol.



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