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Friday, October 7, 2011


Fall is here yippee, not!! I am just one of the few million people who is not looking forward to the colder months. At least my girls are older this year and I don't really have to be outside with them physically. I almost have everything ready for winter. I got the area rug down in the playroom so the kids won't have to sit , lay down or play on a cold hardwood floor. The only problem is what if Sunny accident inside the house and do it in the playroom with the area rug in there? Believe me that it is not easy cleaning and keeping it smelling fresh. This is one of the most common problem of home owner who have carpeted home. So for those living in NC carpet cleaning holly springs nc is the solution to your carpet problem. Pretty soon I will have to vacuum wash the are rug to keep it clean and smelling fresh. With a dog in the house, it vital that my house doesn't smell like a dog when we come in.



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