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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Wow I have really been neglecting my blogs. The last time I updated was last year before the new year started. I guess It should be in one of my New Years resolution not to neglect my blogs and to keep updating even just once a week.

A big part to blame for my neglect is my newest addiction. Yes, I to have gotten addicted or got bitten by the bug. The coupon bug/addiction that is. I officially started couponing last October 2011 and have not stopped ever since. In fact, I have gone full speed ahead, lol. I am still a greenhorn compared to all those people that have been couponing for years. I am proud to say that I learned on my own with the help of a few websites.

As a stay at home mom, my days can be very boring. I miss the interaction with adult people and other people in general. Couponing has given me back my confidence to try out new things and be heard. Couponing has also given me back my body, lol. Since I have been couponing I have walked to our neares Walgreens almost everyday and its like a mile going to and back. Loosing weight the fun way and a way that I didn't even notice. Yes, couponing is fun for me, its my newest hobby and addiction. And no, I am not like those couponer on the show that has a big big stockpile. My stockpile is still growing everyday, little by little.

How about you? Have you thought about couponing?



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