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Saturday, January 14, 2012


A quick shot of one of my best trip to my favorite store Walgreens. I have gotten stuff competely free but I love this one. This was last January 11, 2012. My friend Allison and I got dropped of my hubby to one of the nearest Walgreens in our area. This particular store is one of the cleanest Walgreens store I have ever been to. They also have very nice and helpful store associates that really make you feel at ease and taken cared of. Before I start going on and on let me start by breaking down what I got.

4 Chex Mix
2 EOS Shaving Cream
1 Tom's Maine kids toothpaste
1 Kids Omega Smart DHA
1 Tylenol Precise
2 Colgate Total
1 Snytha bar
1 Reach Floss (not in picture)
2 Candy canes and
3 Holiday Pencils

Retail Value for the whole thing is $37.5o. And guess how much I paid for all that? Drum roll please..............

My total out of pocket was $.10 cents. Below is a picture of my actual receipts. I love couponing and I am going to keep on clipping and saving until they say that its illigal to coupon.



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